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Wespro Multi Crop Thresher with Kress Gasoline Engine (7.5HP) WAE-MCT40

by Wespro

Wespro Multi Crop Thresher with Kress Gasoline Engine


Multi crop Thresher machine separate grains from plants after harvesting various crops such as wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, barley, soybean, and millets. This machine eliminates the time-consuming and laborious process of manual threshing, reducing the time required to separate grains from plants.


 Wespro Multi Crop Thresher

  • Model: Multi Crop Thresher WAE-MCT40
  • Productivity: 400kg/h
  • Engine: Kress 7.5HP Reduction
  • Spindle Speed: 850 r/min
  • Usage: For Farmer
  • Applications: Multi Crop Threshing
Kress Gasoline Engine KE207R
  • Brand : Kress
  • Model : KE207R
  • Type : Low Speed
  • Power : 7.5Hp
  • Application : Construction
  • Bore * Stroke : 70x55mm
  • Displacement : 212ml
  • Fuel Tank Capacity : 3.6L
Note:Unit Includes Kress Gasoline Engine Motor KE207R