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Tacoma ARC Welding Machine Industrial Series

Original price ₱13,000.00
Current price ₱6,500.00
Size (Amp)

Tacoma ARC Inverter Welding Machine | Industrial Series


Brand : Tacoma

Accessories included : Welding Holder, Welding Clamp, 1m Welding Cable, Welding Mask

* 【Advanced IGBT inverter Technology】IGBT technology realizes the ideal control process required by the welding process and obtain satisfactory welding results.Inverter welding machine can save metal materials to a large extent, reduce overall size and weight, and greatly reduce power cost.

* 【Easy to Use】You can operate it easily by adjusting the current and voltage, though you are a welding beginner.

* 【Energy Efficiency】It fits below 2.5mm to 5mm welding rod (depends on Ampere of Welding Machine. Energy saving design increase welding frequency and energy saving effect significantly. It is suitable for welding all kinds of iron metals such as, carbon steel, medium carbon steel and others.