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Soybean Grain Grinding Machine Made in Taiwan

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Soybean Grain Grinding Machine Made in Taiwan

MODEL: FE-05 & FE-06

Commercial Wet Grinding Machine, Rice grinder, soybeans grinder

This machine can be called Soybean Rice Grinding Machine, Commercial Wet Grinding Machine or Commercial Wet Grinder.

First, cleaning and soaking soybean (or rice), then throw in funnel on this machine. And turning on the tap makes water flow into funnel. Soybean (or rice) and water flow into grinding function to grind together. Finally, it will help you to produce mashed food.

1. The major difference in various types of Soybean Rice Grinding Machine - Applicable Objects:
Making cakes for small vendors (in the markets), supermarkets, Tofu Shops, soy milk Shops.

2. The major difference in various types of soy and rice grinding machines - Capacity:
Concentration influences capacity. The more the concentration is, the lower the capacity gets, and vice versa. Take soy milk for example. Soybean Rice Grinding Machine FE-06's capacity is 30 - 70 kg/hr. (In addition, different breeds of Soybeans also have an influence on its concentration and capacity when ground into soy milk.)

3. The construction design, easy to clean and maintain:
Spacing of grindstones adjustable with stainless steel screws & nuts have three - point adjustment. This way promoted quality and stable of grinded Soy milk. And easily adjustable and never ruts even after long time use.


  • A wide variety of use: Whole grain like Soybeans, Black Beans and Rice can be ground after softened in water.
  • The uniquely designed abrasive angle produces more quick grinding and more smoothly Soy milk.
  • The machine adopts the whole new motor with sufficient power.
  • Unique water-resistance and leakage design is safe and durable.
  • Soybean Rice Grinding Machine FE-06 is small, occupies little space and easy to carry.
  • A mini Tofu and soy milk making machine.


Soybeans grinder is suitable for soy milk, milk, rice milk, turnip cake, Ban Tiao, chili sauce, mung bean Smoothies (mung bean Mud), garlic paste (garlic mud), ginger paste (ginger mud), onion paste (onion mud), and Idli Dosa.