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Showfou Submersible Pump (Sewage Water)

Original price ₱15,000.00
Current price ₱8,200.00


♦ Non-Clog Impeller :
Hydrodynamically well-balanced single blade semi-open non-clogging type for sewage application.
♦ Advanced Shredder Mechanism :
Surface hardening heat treatment is done on impeller vanes and cutting edges, both of which are the main components of the shredder mechanism.
♦ Epoxy Cable Sealing Base
Unique “Epoxy Cable Sealing Base” to ensure 100% capability to block the water vapor into the motor from outside.
♦ Triplex Seal System :
Oil-bathed Double mechanical seal(Ceramic/Carbon) plus separate oil seal ensures a longer pump life.
♦ IP68 Motor: 
Electricity-saving Motor with a level of IP68, suitable for continuous duty.
Digitalized balanced motor shaft and rotor.
♦ Quiet :
The well-balanced motor shaft and impeller enables the pump to run evenly with less noise.
♦ Compact and Light-Weight :
Designed to be light, so easy to carry and handle.
♦ Economical :
Long-runnable with less maintenance cost.

Ideal for sewage, industrial & groundwater drainage installation in the following fields.
Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Sewage pumping stations.
  • Sewage treatment plants.
  • Septic tanks.
  • Collecting and settling sumps.

Industrial Sites

  • Mills and factories for pumping dirty water.
  • Water purification plants.
  • Flood and emergency.

Residential Sites

  • Residential houses.
  • Flats and apartments.

Commercial Sites

  • Restaurants and shops.
  • Markets and supermarkets.
  • Hospitals, stations, and theaters.
  • Garages and laundries.