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Showfou High Head Pump (Clean Water)

by Showfou
Original price ₱28,400.00
Current price ₱16,900.00


* Epoxy Cable Sealing Base
Unique “Epoxy Cable Sealing Base” to ensure 100% capability to block the water vapor into the motor from outside.
* Impeller :
The Hydrodynamically well-balanced bronze made closed type impeller for maximum performance to assure smooth vibrationless and durable operation.
* Triplex Seal System :
Oil-bathed Double mechanical seal(Ceramic/Carbon) plus separate oil seal ensures a longer pump life.
* Compact and Light-Weight :
Designed to be light, so easy to carry and handle.
* Quiet :
The well-balanced motor shaft and impeller enables the pump to run evenly with less noise.
* Economical :
By turbo flow design and two(2) poles motors, if both high head and high flow are the requirements. Showfou users could consume 1/3 less energy than other brands.

1. Agricultural irrigations and water supply in slope area.
2. Shallow well.
3. Water-supplying system of apartment, building.
4. Spraying system of yard and garden.
5. Any kind of high head water supply.