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Ridgid Tip Up Wing Hydraulic Bender

by Ridgid

Ridgid Tip Up Wing Hydraulic Bender

Manual benders are perfect for precision cold bending standard gas pipes up to 3". Versatile, portable benders are ideal for on-site bending, as well as machine construction, boiler making and industrial applications.


  • Durable piston seals prevent premature leaks and maximize uptime.
  • Longer cylinder stroke per pump and optimized hand force minimizes operator fatigue.
  • Bending angle indicators reduce starts, stops and pipe removal to take measurements.
  • Single circuit hydraulic system with return spring for better control of the ram and precise bending.
  • Pressure relief valve protects the hydraulic system from over-pressurization.
  • Supplied in a wooden case and delivered with a set of bending formers for standard gas pipe applications and corner supports.
  • Offers the advantage of extra rigidity during the bending process.
  • Ideal for on-site applications.