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Ridgid Hole Saw Kit

by Ridgid

Ridgid Hole Saw Kit

RIDGID's Hole Saw Kits are now made of premium M42 High Speed Steel Cutting edge and have Patent Pending Tooth Set Design which double the life of the old hole saws.

Plumber's, Electrician's, General Purpose kits each contain a selection of RIDGID hole saws and hole saw arbors for cutting through wood, plastic, machinable metals, stainless steel alloys, nail-embedded wood cutting.


  • Premium M42 High Speed Steel Cutting Edge.
  • Tooth Set Design optimized to remove material faster.
  • Enhanced Product Life – 2 x’s the life of the old hole saws.
  • 1-15/16” (49mm) Cutting Depth.
  • Side Slot for Increased Leverage for Fast and Easy Slug Removal.
  • Durable .050” side wall (prevents collapsing)
  • Cap reduces run out and vibration
  • External coating reduces side wall friction for efficient cutting.