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Pioneer Airfree Vast Fan SHVL-Y8BAA20

by Pioneer

Pioneer Airfree Vast Fan


  • Indoor/Outdoor Breezy Air
  • Move Easily
  • Energy saving/ D.C inverter motor
  • Quiet & low noise
  • Waterproof/ Dustproof
  • Super large air volume
  • Modular Design


Model SHVL-Y8BAA20
Dimension 2190mm x 2000mm x 748mm
Max Speed 220 r/min
Range of Wind speeds 0-36 (7m/s - 0.9m/s)
Full load air volume 1068m min
Motor Type BLDC motor
Motor Power 0.4 KW
Supply Power 220V / 1P
Full Load current 1.8A
Sound Level ( Maximum speed 43d8A
Protection levels IP55
Weight 150Kg