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Pedrollo DG FLOW Diaphragm/Bladder Tanks


Pedrollo DG FLOW Diaphragm/Bladder Tank



  • Two-Part Polyurethane, Epoxy Primed Paint Finish
    • Provides hundreds of hours of UV and salt spray protection.
  • Stainless Water Connection
    • Tested pipe-to-vessel (Steel to polypropylene) connection for leak-free, maintenance-free use.


  • High Quality Fiberglass
    • Durable and continuous-strand fiberglass sealed with epoxy resin.
  • Lightweight
    • The fiberglass model is a much lighter counterpart of the steel model which makes it easier to handle.
  • Withstand Environmental Conditions
    • Due to its material construction, this fiberglass alternative can survive in harsh environmental conditions, and it wont rust too.
  • Reinforced Plastic Connection
    • Tested pipe-to-vessel (Plastic to polypropylene) connection to leak-free,maintenance - free use.


  • Water Log Free, No Maintenance 
    • No more water log, which means no more draining unlike in conventional pressure tanks.
  • CAD-2 Diaphragm Technology
    • Free of creases, unlike the bag system of bladder tanks, which causes punctures overtime.•
  • High Grade Butyl Diaphragm and Polypropylene Liner
    • Chlorine resistant and USFDA approved food grade materials in contract with water ensuring a contaminant-free supply.
  • 100% Drawdown Efficiency
    • Water inside the tank is 100% completely expelled upon need without the help of the water pump because it will always be pressurized, unlike conventional tanks that store water at no pressure due to water logging.
  • Single Piping Installation
    • Installation is simple with the single pipe, hassle free application.
  • Space saving
    • The diaphragm exerts pressure on the water, thus requiring less air space, reducing tank size up to 65% for the same water capacity
  •  Extends Pump Life 
    • Prevents the pump from quickly turning on and off
  • Rigorous Quality Testing
    • Each product is thoroughly tested in various phases of production to ensure quality and longevity.

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