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Meiho Electric Cable Hoist

by Meiho
Original price ₱11,000.00
Current price ₱9,000.00

Meiho Electric Cable Hoist 


Model PA500 PA1000
Hook Single Single
Capacity 500 Kgs./ 0.5 Ton 1000 Kgs. / 1 Ton
Power 1020w 1600w
Lifting Height
(if Double fall)
5.5m 5.5m
Lifting Height
(if single fall)
11m 11m
Cable Length 12m 12m
Cable Diameter 4.2mm 5.6mm
Voltage 220v 220v


 Other Model and capacity available:

Model Price
MCH-200 6,000.00
MCH-300 6,700.00
MCH-400 8,300.00
MCH-500 9,000.00
MCH-1000 16,000.00
MCH-1200 18,500.00


Application :

  • ideal for lifting heavy materials with minimum power.
  • Safety hook included.
  • It is widely applicable to factories, mines, docks, shipyards, warehouses and computer room and other places to install machines, lifting goods.


  • Please do not overload.
  • It is recommended to use a double rope pulley.
  • When using, please wear thick leather gloves, do not let the hand contact.