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Makita Battery Powered Wheelbarrow DCU180Z

by Makita

Model : Makita DCU180Z
130 kg (290 lbs.) Battery Powered Wheelbarrow 18V LXT® Li-Ion 
  • Able to run with even one battery thanks to parallel battery connection.
  • Detachable Rear wheel: After removing rear wheels and installing Foot (left/ right), the cart can be used as an unicycle.
  • LED lights illuminate front area
  • Battery case section is equipped with On-off switch
  • Foldable handle can save the storage space

Lock Key, Support Legs, Wrenches

Max Run Time (min) with BL1860B: 120
Max Load Capacity 130 kg (290 lbs.)
Traveling Speed Forward, High / Low: 0 – 3.5 / 0 – 1.5 km/h
Reverse: 0 – 1 km/h
Max Climbing Capacity 12°
Dimensions (L x W x H) When carrier is installed / During operation: 1,315×1,060×900 mm (51-3/4″x41-3/4″x35-1/2″)
Net weight 39.3 – 44.8 kg (86.5 – 98.7 lbs)

Note: Tool only, charger battery sold separately.