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Resun LP Low Noise Air Pump


Resun LP Low Noise Air Pump


  • Super large air output and high pressure.
  • Durable rubber diaphragm and valve ensure long life.
  • Housing made of alluminum alloy to provide great heat dissipation.
  • Special inner structure design for very low noise.
  • Thermal overload protection cutoff power supply when overheat.
  • Great for areation of  fish farms, ponds (AERATION, DE-ICING) and aquariums and waster water treatment.

Model Power Pressure Exhaust Volume/
Flow Rate
Outer Diameter of
Air Outlet
LP20 17w 0.028MPa 2.2L/min. 15mm 6 Holes
LP40 35w 0.030Mpa 50L/min. 17mm 12 Holes
LP60 50w 0.037Mpa 70L/min. 21mm 14 Holes
LP100 100w 0.042Mpa 140L/min. 22mm 33 Holes
LP200 170w 0.045Mpa 216L/min. 23mm 33 Holes
LP300 250w 0.05Mpa 300L/min. 23mm 33 Holes