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LONG-GOOD High Pressure Ring Blower/Air Pump - Made in Taiwan

Original price ₱41,000.00
Current price ₱20,500.00

PONLONG-GOOD High Pressure Ring Blower/Air Pump - Made in Taiwan

Features :

  • High Efficiency
  • Low Energy Loss
  • Easy Assembly
  • Good Reliability
  • Low Shocking Motion
  • Low Noise
  • Solid Structure
  • No Oil
  • No Pollution
  • Use In Various Field
  • Highest Quality

    Application (for Air Suction) :
    Punching Machine, Printing Machine, Sewing Machine, Stapling Machine, Packing Machine, Hose Knitting Machine, Loom, Food Processing Machine, Transfer of Particles, Layer die casting machine, construction site, Dustless Room, Welding Machine, Cloth Press, Drying up of waterdrop.

    Application (for Air Supply) :
    Incinerator, Gas Furnace, Transfer of small particles, Die Casting Machine, Plating Bath, Artificial manure with the fermentative animal muck, instant noodles processing line, Farming Pool, Bottle waster, transfer of rice hull, dry up the paper of the printer, clean tanker, automatic knitter, medical bathtub, mold cleaner, dry up the electronic plate with the air.