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Hans Universal Tool Bag

by Hans

Hans Universal Tool Bag

19 Pocket Tool Bag (BIG-EGG STYLE) BG-15P


From the Tool Bag Series, the Tool Bag is constructed with polyester “DUCK-PUCOA” waterproof fabric. This bag was designed to hold your tools inside, and it delivers on that promise. The bag has a traditional zipper opening that lets you easily find tools inside when you open it.


  • 1 Large, Deep Main Pocket With Two Steel Frames/Side Reinforcement
  • 10 Pockets On Exterior Wall, 8 Pockets On Interior Wall. Adjustable Shoulder Belt With Pad. Hard Board Bottom With 5 Riveted Footings
    OPENING : 410L x 320W x 360H,
    Zip-Up : 450L x 320W x 325H
  • PW= 1.24 KGS, GW= 14KGS/10 PCS, CUFT= 3.5

27 Pocket Universal Tool Bag FB-31P


From the Tool Bag Series, the Tool Bag is a simple and elegant solution for carrying tools. Constructed with polyester waterproof fabric and equipped with several interior pockets, it is a practical toolkit that can easily store heavy-duty power tools such as a saw or drill. The main compartment of the bag opens wide to allow users quick access to their items while also keeping them secure and protected from falling out.


  • 1 Large, Deep Main Pocket With A Steel Top Frame/Side Reinforcement
  • 18 Pockets Over Exterioe Wall, 8 Pockets On Interior Wall
  • 4 Solt Tool Loops And Elastic Tie Down Surrouds Outside Of Main Pocket To Hold Tools.
  • Water Proof Board Bottom  And 5 Riveted Footings
  • Two Entire Handle Belts Stitched And Riveted For A Heavy Weight Loading
  • OVERALL SIZE:470L x 340W x 360H