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Extreme Construction Helmet | Hard Hat

by extreme
Original price ₱11,000.00
Current price ₱9,500.00
Color: Red

Extreme Construction Helmet | Hard Hat


  • Material : High impact resistance ABS
  • Harness Type : 6-point polyethylene suspension
  • Headband Adjustment : Pin-lock
  • Safety Cap (HC32) CE
  • Cap Suspension (M2) CE
  • Chin Strap (M1) CE/ANSI z89
  • 100% Made in Taiwan
  • available colors is red, yellow, white, orange, blue and green.


1. One color of construction helmet/hard hat per box only, no mix of color.

2. 50pcs. hard hat per box 

3. 50pcs. suspension per box

4. 50pcs. chin strap per box