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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Annular Cutter

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TCT Annular Cutters - On-site hole cutting in steel plates, H-Beams shapes, shaped bars, framework, machinery, shipbuilding, elevated bridges, tall building, structures, etc. steel reinfocements, and many other metal working and construction jobs. Best use with Magnetic Drill.


TCT Annular Cutters 

  • Type : One Touch Shank
  • Cutting Depth : 50mm
  • Capacity : 16mm-50mm
  • Cutter Connection : 19.05mm (one touch shank)


1. NO Pilot Pin included.

2. kindly message us regarding availability.

3. Shown Images are for reference only. Actual item may differ in color/style.

Note: For size not posted. Kindly shoot us a message.