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DCA 12V Cordless Air Pump ADQE120DK

by DCA
Original price ₱7,600.00
Current price ₱3,800.00
DCA 12V Cordless Air Pump ADQE120DK
Specifications :
  • Battery: 2VMAX/2.0Ah×2
  • No-load Speed: 13000r/min
  • Max.Air Pressure:8.3Bar

1. Small, convenient to carry;  
2. Intelligent digital display, accurate monitoring of air pressure;  
3. LED light, work in dim environment;  
4. Tire pressure setting and tire pressure monitoring , all under you master;  
5 Low noise and low vibration.

Accessories & Package
Battery charge,Battery pack(1pcs, Bodkin, Plastic gas nozzle,Adapter ,Color Box Packing