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CONDOR Tire Inflater Gauge

by Condor
Original price ₱3,000.00
Current price ₱2,300.00

CONDOR Tire Inflater Gauge Clip-on Type CG2-1DM Made in Japan


  • Brand : Condor
  • Chuck Style
  • Clip-on Type
  • Dial Meter : 60mm
  • Calibration : 0 - 160psi
  • Made in Japan

Safe and Smooth Operation :

Hold the air chuck to push (pull) the mouth of chuck into the valve exactly. In this situation the pointer of gauge shows the pressure of the tire.

  • if the pressure is lower than the proper pressure, inflating = compression with the operation of lever.
  • If the pressure is higher than the proper pressure, Deflating = Decompression with the operation of release button.