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Clip-On Flat Sewer Rod (Made in Taiwan) (cleans drain and sewer)

by Clip-On
Size: (Diameter x Length x Thickness)

Clip-On  Flat Sewer Rod - Made in Taiwan


  • Available Size
  • Diameter x Thickness x Length
  • 1/2"x1/16"x50ft.

  • 1/2"x1/16"x100ft.

  • 3/4"x1/16"x50ft.

  • 3/4"x1/16"x100ft.

  • 3/4"x1/8"x50ft.

  • 3/4"x1/8"x100ft.

  • 1"x1/8"x50ft.

  • 1"x1/8"x100ft.

  • Durable Tool for cleaning pipes and sewers.
  • Flat rod is made from flexible high carbon steel.
  • Equipped with a sturdy arrow head to clear blockage.
  • Easy-Grip-Handle to make the cleaning go faster.
  • Made in Taiwan