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Adelino Intelligent Pump

Original price ₱15,000.00
Current price ₱9,000.00


Brand : Adelino

Application Limits

◎Suction lift up to 8 m 

◎ Max. working pressure 5 bar 

◎ Liquid temperature up to +90℃ 

◎ Ambient temperature up to +40℃ 

◎ Voltage fluctuations should not exceed 10% of rate value


◎ Compact design, easy installation 

◎ Pressure and flow switch control automatically 

◎ Pump body insert of stainless sheet 304 

◎ Shaft extension is stainless steel 304 

◎ The impeller of copper alloy 

◎ High quality mechanical seal 

◎ Intelligent control:Pump can supply stabilized water flow by automatically running  Through the water flow and water pressure data collected by flow switch   and pressure switch, electronic unit control the pump running/stop, solve the frequently starting problems under low water flow, and completely inhibit frequently starting if water flows lower than 0.3m3/h. 

◎ Time delay start:  3-seconds delay on startup to  prevent electric transient surge

◎ Dry-Run protection: Pump shut down if no water flows  past pump inlet after running 6 minutes, when there is  water flow past pump inlet, pump restart. 

◎ Scale prevention: Pump will automatically run 10  seconds for scale prevention once per 3 days among outage period.

◎ Electronic switch: Long service life, and eliminate the  "da da" noise caused by mechanical pressure switch

Application Fields

◎ Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain  abrasive particles or other similar water of liquid. 

◎widely used domestic water , automatic boosting ,  water tower supply, well water lifting, solar hot water  boosting.


◎ Single phase motor, copper wires, built-in thermal  protector, fully enclosed motor shell 

◎ Steel Shaft : SS304

◎ Mechanical Seal import from Italy.

◎ can be used for hot water.

◎ with built-in small Bladder Tank.

◎ compact/space saver.

 Continuous service S1 

◎ IPX4 class protection 

◎ Class B insulation

Note : See individual Product Specification.