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Adelino Fully Integrated Variable Frequency Pump (Intelligent Pump)

Original price ₱64,000.00
Current price ₱32,000.00
Model No./HP

Adelino Intelligent Pump

Brand : Adelino

Product Overview :

BWE stainless steel horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are no-self priming pumps absorbing the advanced technology from home and abroad. It is a fully integrate VFD pump, fully automatic with intelligent control. LED Panel display for convenience and simple operation. Made with food grade materials that can be used for drinking water. High energy saving with high reliability. This is recommended for constant pressure whenever in use, example is for household drinking water, hotel, schools, factory and other commercial water supply. For clear water without particles or abrasives.

Features :
SS304, IP55 and Class F international standard IE2 Motor. Built-in thermal protector, 24 hours continues operation. Anti-rust and corrosion system that cannot pollute the water.

Note : See Product Specification as per model.

Model No. Rated Power (HP) Max Flow (m3/h) Head Range (m) Bladder Tank (L) Inlet Diameter (mm) Outlet Diameter (mm) Rate Current
AWE4-2 (BWE4-2) 1 4 16-25 2 G1 G1 220v, 60Hz, Single Phase
AWE4-3 (BWE4-3) 1.5 4 24-39 2 G1 G1 220v, 60Hz, Single Phase
AWE4-4 (BWE4-4) 2 4 32-52 3 G1 1/4 G1 220v, 60Hz, Single Phase
AWE8-3 (BWE8-3) 3 8 33-40 5 G2 G2 220v, 60Hz, Single Phase